I’ve owned many guitars over the years and bought and sold for a while. Flipping cheap guitars was how I learned to fix and set them up. Some guitars I owned for less than an hour. Picking them up and bundling several together with a trader for a deal against something else. Sometimes I picked them up only to trade them for something else the following weekend.

I prefer to keep things stock unless defects or problems exist and they need something put right. In the case of the Fender Jaguar, I received it modded in a trade with the original parts and restored it back to stock.

These pages contain some of my backstory for each one, pictures and specs. Some of these details are hard to find & I’ve had to measure or piece the information together myself. I’ve tried to standardise the format for all to make comparisons easier.

All my guitars are fitted with Dunlop StrapLoks.

  • Fender American Series Stratocaster (MIA 2000)
  • Fender Classic Player Baja Telecaster (MIM 2007)
  • Fender Classic Player Jaguar Special (MIM 2008)
  • Squier ‘Strat’ (MIC 1996)
    In progress. Getting new pickguard, Ironstone Hybrid pickups & split-post tuners.
  • Squier – Stratocaster (MIK 1995)
  • Squier – Telecaster (MIK 1996)
  • Squier – Affinity P-Bass (MIC 1997)
  • Les Paul Junior TV Special Copy (Cruiser by Crafter MIK)
  • Hohner Rockwood LX250G (Les Paul Copy MIK)
  • Vintage V52 Reissued (Telecaster Copy)
  • Musima Lead Star (Stratocaster Copy)

    In progress. Will be refinished light blue, Seymour Duncan JB Jr Bridge pickup, locking tuners.
  • Simon & Patrick Luthier Satin Series Cedar (Acoustic)

Guitars of the past

A brief summary before I dig out pictures:

  • Spider Electro-Acoustic copy of an Ovation
  • Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster SSH
  • Squier ’51
  • Marlin Sidewinder