New Year 2021

Bought myself this Fender Champion 600 in the run up to Christmas just before we entered Tier 4. I had the FSR version of this a few years ago. I saw this earlier in the year and knew with all the lockdowns between it was possibly still in the shop. This photo was taken as I left with it.

In 2020 my quest was to find a set of pedals I liked and have some options on hand. I’m pretty much done.

This years quest is to find a 5W valve amp for home use. I’ve had one of these before, but am curious about 5F1 (5W Tweed Champ) and the closely related 52F-A (5W Tweed Princeton) clones. I also have two guitar build projects on the go which I should have updates about soon.

Hello There.

I’m working on various ideas for articles and posts for this site which will be published as I complete them.

The goal is to at least provide the following here:

  • Articles describing things that I haven’t seen explained well elsewhere online.

    Sharing what I know, or sharing the results of my own investigations and the pulling together of information. Sometimes the formalising of notes & scribbles that lie in my practice notebook, guitar repair toolbox or back of my mind.

  • Gear. Specs, details, pictures & settings for some of my gear is hard to find.

    I’ve started the Guitars & Pedals overview pages. Details for amps and other related things will follow in due course. These are likely to cross-reference articles too.

  • Media. Features focused on guitar & music related books.

    I have an extensive collection of new, out-of-print and vintage guitar related books, magazines & DVDs covering music, tab, theory, styles, history, artists & gear.