Not dead yet, New life, Same direction

It’s been almost four months since the last post. The arrival of a bundle of joy I thought may give me more evening time actually means I’m retiring at a much earlier hour than ever before. That combined with my other halves maternity leave means I don’t have much time alone. All this will change once she’s back at work.

I was quickly checking my email this morning. Twitter, which I don’t really use, had spammed me with an article from a blog I didn’t previously follow. The article is about writing a book. But I believe the principles line up with my own and apply to other project types too. In particular I independently came up with the method of keeping cheap notebooks around for brainstorming ideas. Thinking things through in this manner helps grow or eliminate them as things to spend real time on.

Expanding on the article, I also use mechanical pencils for my notes as they are precise and useful when revising doodles and I store notes on my phone when ideas strike when I’m out and about.

The article in question :

In my head I have been working through ideas and planning for my next project. I’ve decided to make an app using Xamarin Forms, but will also be doing MonoGame experiments to keep a hand in there.

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