Magic Breakfast

One of the times I get to tinker with projects is first thing in the morning. Today I set out to see if I could bypass the Exception being thrown on the iPod Touch from yesterday. When I start Xamarin Studio it offers me updates, I figure why not, as I read E-mails, sip coffee and eat breakfast. Once the updates are done I plug the offending device in and prepare to set forth debugging. It works. Magic. I’m glad I’d applied the updates before committing the cardinal sin of reaching out for help before being fully up to date.

The one remaining issue is, why is editing the file in Xamarin Studio making the remote file hidden? Is this issue limited to Xamarin Studio or is it an OS X thing? I discover that it only affects Game1.cs and one of the project files, not Main.cs or anything else, and appears to be limited to Xamarin Studio as Xcode and Visual Studio don’t have the issue. I’ll try and live with it for now to see what the impact is. After all, all my code won’t be in Game1.cs.

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