Experiment update

Observation is a passive science, experimentation an active science – Claude Bernard (1813-1878, French scientist)

I started the Recursive Tree experiment thinking I’d be on a straight-ish course through a set of milestones but have learned something unexpected. Once it was on a touch device I instinctively expected it to be tactile. This discovery has reinforced my previous hunch that regular use of the target platform when doing cross-platform development is an absolute must.

Because of this, instead of the original plan for the next part of the experiment, I’m doing Pinch Zoom first. Following the development model I’m hoping to use throughout I’ve implemented as much of the heavy lifting parts of code within the Windows Desktop build first. I started adding zoom to the mouse-wheel and once ready will add the gesture based manipulation of those same parameters to the iOS build.

Here are some screenshots of it in action

A zoom of the lower right-hand side branch.

A deeper zoom of the lower right-hand side branch.

Bonus: A zoom of the lower right-hand side branch with an extra tenth layer of iteration added.

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