Experiment Progress

I’ve done the first part of recreating the scene from the Demo I linked previously.

Here’s a screenshot of the original scene taken from the entry for the demo on demozoo.org.

A screenshot of it running on my iPhone. Due to the thin lines & high-resolution it looks better when you click it!.

Finally, a rough side by side edit, with iOS on the left, and a scaled up Amiga screenshot on the right.

OK it’s not a perfect 1 to 1 copy, but it’s close. It would take some trial and error with the scaling and angle parameters. Also, as I’m pre-populating the list of vertices it doesn’t animate like the original. I could achieve that by looping and drawing only parts of the pre-populated list.

One of the things to investigate is 2D libraries to draw lines of varying thickness to replace my use of DrawUserPrimitives which doesn’t support line thickness.

This is the point at which I’ll diverge from the original (including removing the blue lines..).

I’ve also hit a few things with Free Provisioning which are of note.

Free Provisioning on an iOS device runs out after 1 week. The impact of this is as follows:

  • Any existing copied app won’t run after that time. On some devices it shows the MonoGame startup screen (or whatever you’ve replaced it with) then just exits. On some devices you get an actual error “My App” Is No Longer Available.
  • If you (make the mistake of) deleting all previous apps before running a new one you have to re-trust the Publisher in Device Management again to run new apps on it. Running/Debugging will hang until you’ve done this. The symptom is Xamarin Studio will copy to the device then fail to connect debugger. If you run the copied app manually the error shown leads you to this.

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